Pure Steel Records is an underground based Heavy Metal label, which has its roots in the glorious 80s. For sure it's not only concentrated on that but also focused on any high quality creative Music from styles like Hard Rock, Progressive, Doom and more.

Most important for us is to avoid hunting for any forthcoming or still gone trend. We rely on true, good and honest music for the lovers of quality music. We have the opinion that Heavy Metal and Hard Rock can be traditional style without sounding old fashioned. Countless newcovers and long living bands proove that there is still the chance to create something unique or doing some experiments without loosing the true rock basics. Sadly today a lot of acts only look for commercial success, sell their souls and make music for the masses. This means the stupid mass of people believing only in the charts and what big mags tell them to buy. This is not our aim as a label. Once again we say: The only thing to rely on is quality.


Pure Steel Records and its sublabels stand for the idea to invest 100% enthusiasm and idealism. This is what we expect from our bands too. We think its very important that we have a good communication and a friendly athmosphere between us and our bands. Musicians and bands are no numbers for us, but human beings. We are an independent label, which means we can work without the charts without being influenced by third parties. Of course we need to make profit, but we want to have fun with our products and like the music we sell. One day superstars better go to casting shows.


Nobody can be succesful without promotion, but we try to make our activities where it makes use. So we count on own promotion and independent partners.

All of our products will be promoted world wide by print-, online media and radio stations. Adversiments will be done too by seeing a chance to get results making our bands and ourselves happy. Of course the most important for a musician is to play "live". We support this as far as we can.


With our distribution partners we take care for having our products available in Europe, Japan, North- and South America. By now we try to enlarge our distribution system to whole Asia and Oceania. Our webshop sends inbetween 24 hours after payment confirmation of an order!